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Artemis's Ass-Kickin' Judgess

Please click on each photo for more info.

Ms. Michelle Rodriguez,
Action Revolutionary

Mr. TJ Scott,
Action Rebel

Ms. Alicia Vela-Bailey,
Stunt Icon

Ms. Heidi Pascoe,
Stunt Warrior

Ms. Ming-Na Wen,
Action Paladin

Ms. Dana DeLorenzo,
Action Next Wave

Ms. Danielle Burgio,
Stunt Unsung Heroine

Ms. Cassandra Ebner,
Stunt Next Wave

Ms. Rosemary Rodriguez,
Action Champion

Ms. Debbie Evans,
Stunt Lifetime Achievement

Ms. Kachina Dechert,
Stunt Powerhouse

Honorees will be in attendance schedule permitting.

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