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Fri. 4/26 – Sun 4/28, 2019 – Laemmle Monica Film Center
1332 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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Panel Discussion - WOMEN POWERED MUSIC
Sponsored by Bella Composers

Women Powered Music Panel by Bella Composers – “Women composers are everywhere” is the Bella Composers tagline. For composers and singer/songwriters. This panel will focus on the state of music with the intent to offer solutions and a clear direction on how to navigate the murky waters of gender inequality in music.

Panelists are Kaylene Peoples, Founder, Bella Composers, Recording Artist, Composer; Kiki Ebsen, Recording Artist; Cas Spencer Publicist, White Bear; and Starr Parodi, Composer, Recording Artists and President, Alliance for Women Composer. The panel will be moderated by Sheryl Aronson, Author/Entertainment Journalist.

Sat. April 27, 2019 2:00pm

Panel Discussion - The Business of Female Driven
sponsored by Array Entertainment

Movies starring female characters have evolved from the level of also-ran to the forefront of media attention.  This explosive growth has been fueled by audience demand.  The opportunities to make movies -- and to make money -- with a greater number of women both in front of and behind the camera have increased.  This not-to-be missed panel will discuss those opportunities and create a structure to best understand how they will continue to expand with top industry pros.

Moderated by Elizabeth Dell, Co-Founder/CFO, Array Entertainment and Independent Producer

Sat. April 27, 2019 4:30pm

Panel Discussion - Powerhouses of Female Fortitude
presented by Curator Magazine

There are women in this industry who not only forge their own battle for career progress and artistic integrity, but who have devoted years of their life to uplifting other women through their creation or time spent working at leading roles in powerful organizations and institutions.

Come meet these forces of nature and learn what motivated them to devote their time and energy to helping others. Get motivated to join the movement that is changing the entire industry and making more and more opportunities for women! You CAN make a difference while helping yourself and these women are going to help you learn exactly HOW.

Panelists are Liz Manashil, Sundance; Maikiko James, Women in Film; and Heather Allin, Former President, ACTRA; Tige Charity, Executive Director & Founder, Kids in the Spotlight; moderated by Cady McClain

Sat. April 27, 2019 6:30pm

presented by The Chimaera Project

A celebration for all 2019 filmmakers, screenwriters and musicians. The 2019 competition prize presentation occurs here.

The Chimaera Project recognizes the collective voice as a catalyst for social change.

We are dedicated to empowering filmmakers who identify as female to fearlessly create, inspire and lead! • Our goal is to create change by demonstrating an inclusive model. • We believe that all individuals have the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships and create. It is our belief that only when people from different life experiences and points of view are given a chance to express themselves can we really create change.

The Chimaera Project ambassadors in attendance are Andi Norris, Darlene Conti, Dove Meir, and Foster Corder; also attending is Cheryl Bookout, Executive Director.

Sun. April 28, 2019 10:00am

Panel Discussion - WONDER WOMEN: JOIN THE REAL-LIFE JUSTICE LEAGUE! Sponsored by Pop Culture Hero Coalition

Wonder Woman said “it is my sacred duty to defend the world” — and we are #SuperheroIRL, working for real-life heroism over misogyny, bullying, racism, homophobia, cyberbullying, and inequality! Join Pop Culture Hero Coalition, celebrities and activists for this timely intersection of fun & social justice, discussing how film, comics, and TV can propel us to create a better planet. "Pop Culture Hero Coalition is turning fantasy into the real world with justice and heroism." CBS News

Moderated by Chase Masterson, Founder & CEO, Pop Culture Hero. Panelists include KT Curran, Writer/Director; Trisha Nicolas, founder Dream2Reality, Inc.

Sun. April 28, 2019 12:00pm

sponsored by Final Draft

A discussion focused upon creating characters for women, by women.

Moderated by Final Draft's Kala Guess. Panelists include Eva Vives, Writer/Director, Candela Films, Inc.; Shea Butler, Director/Writer, The Butler Did It Productions; Ally Iseman, Actor/Writer/Producer; and Teresa Huang, TV Writer [SEAL Team (CBS), Superstition (SYFY)] .

Sun. April 28, 2019 2:00pm

Panel Discussion - THE ALL-STARS OF STUNTS
sponsored by Action Factory

A 90 minute conversation with some of the greatest stuntwomen in Hollywood! A panel unique to Artemis Film Festival, we put a spotlight on the unsung heroines of your favorite action films.

Moderated by stuntwoman, actress, filmmaker Danielle Burgio. Panelists include Jeannie Epper, Stuntwoman, Stunt Coordinator, Actress (schedule permitting), Julie Ann Johnson, Stuntwoman, Stunt coordinator; Donna Keegan, Stuntwoman, Stunt coordinator, Director; Angela Meryl, Stuntwoman, Actress, Author; and Alyma Dorsey, Stuntwoman, Ex-pro Athelete, Model and Opera Singer.

Sun. April 28, 4:00pm

Panel Discussion - WORKING TOGETHER TO CREATE ACTION, presented by Chimaera Project - FREE

What does it take to prepare for, shoot and make a spectacular action sequence?  Moderated by Trisha Nicolas (Founder, Dream2Reality), this panel will examine actual stunt scenes with the pros who designed the action and how the scenes were accomplished effectively and safely. Hear first hand advice from the filmmaking teams responsible for creating three different types of action sequences. Production team members, directors, actors and stunt coordinators offer invaluable insight on the process of creating action on screen.  Sharing approaches stunt coordinators use to create action scenes, work flows between departments, and working with actors without stunt experience, and more.  Panelists are Joanna Ke, Actor/Writer/Producer; Helena Barrett, Stuntwoman/Stunt Coordinator, Hayden Lam, Director/Stunt Performer/Stunt Coordinator; Veto Swarn Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator/Martial Arts Instructor; and Austin Nordell, Cinematographer/Editor.

The Chimaera Project: a non-profit dedicated to empowering filmmakers who identify as female to fearlessly create, inspire and lead.

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