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Congratulations to our 2019 Official Selections!

Artemis is pleased to announce our 2019 selections. We were honored to view all film and screenplay submissions and listen to all the great music. The quality of work was stellar and made making official selections very difficult.

Click on any film title to navigate the exact placement on the scheduling page on which it appears. * Denotes a film screens 2 times, hyperlink navigates to first screening. Click here for Sunday’s schedule showing all second screenings. Gird your loins! It’s a list, not exact navigation 😀


221B by Mary Wasche & Stan Jones
Beyond Logic by Bridget Bell McMahon
Bonny Mary: The Riddle of Isla del Oro by Gael Schaefer
Darby Petty And The Lost Treasure by DC Sayre
Drones & Drivers by Haley Isleib
Fight Camp by Jill Morley
Hard Jack by JL Martens
Jackie Rae, A San Francisco Story by Kip Pearson


Lariat Girl by Suzanne Prescott
Public Enemy No. 12 by John Halbert
Skyfoxes by Marisa Forrest
The Operator by Huey Q. Pham; Jessica Petrucci
The Valedictorian by Kathaleen Brewer
Tiger Mother by Emily Dell
Tornado Rider Rhodes by Stevie T
Vermin by Chris Warner



Chandeliers |Janet Devlin
Hear Me | Efrat Alony
Into Design by Futurekind | Nicol Eilers
Journey to the Land of Love | Marcia Morgan, Julia Ross, Krysta Youngs
Leave Us Here | Amy Tilson-Lumetta
Magical | Elizmi Haze
One of the Boys | Jass Bianchi
Shots Fired | Piper Madison
This Is Our Time | Debra Gussin, Dale Effren


Shooting Stars | Shoshana Michel
Charlotte Salomon: Der Tod und die Malerin (Death and the Painter) | Michelle DiBucci
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase | Sherri Chung
The Borrowed Dress | Suad Bushnaq
Film Music Selection 2019 | Tatiana Mikova
Romance | Penny Corris
Firestorm Symphony III – “All the Trees Are Growing” | Margaret Brandman
Knot Mov’t IV “Reborn” | Ssu-Yu Huang
Danza Imposible | Marta Sanchez
Into the Night | Gabrielle Helfer
The Transit of Venus | Nancy Bloomer Deussen
In a Winter Landscape | Madelyn Byrne

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