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Variety’s Exclusive Announcing Melissa McCarthy as a 2017 Festival Honoree

Dave McNary of Variety breaks the news regarding Artemis’ final 2017 Honoree annoucement, Melissa McCarthy.

Click here to see Mr. McNary’s full article.


Heckler Kane Creations has Melanie on The Imperfect Podcast

Melanie has the extraordinary pleasure of speaking with the very amazing Keckler Kane Team about the festival, Melanie’s early film history, stunt fights, and sexism in the industry.

Click here to see the VideoCast and show notes.


Crown City News has Melanie on local news.

Artemis’ very first local news spot on Crown City News with hosts Mary Winners and Derrick Chevalier, broadcasting to the local Pasadena area.

Click here to see the spot on YouTube.


Todd Goldman of DailyFick NY Interviews Melanie

Todd queries Melanie about the festival, where it came from, where it’s headed, its growth, and gets thoughts from all the Artemis Team

Click here to read Mr. Goldman’s full article.


Ruth Hill speaks to Melanie Wise … again!

Ruth and Melanie discuss this year’s edition, some very cool surprises shaping this edition, this year’s campaign, gender parity and then some.

Click here to read Ms. Hill’s full article.


Leila Hawkins, writing for Broadley, talks to Yancy Butler, Melanie Wise, Maria Giese, & Alysia Reiner about sexism.

Leila talks to four different women with four differing backgrounds about the commonality of sexism in Hollywood.

Click here to read Ms. Hawkin’s full article in Broadley.


The Amazing Blogger Alex Temblador, creator of Fempotential talks to Melanie.

Alex puts some hard pressing questions to Melanie regarding difficulties women face in the industry, the festival and what the Artemis team hopes to accomplish for women, battling sexism in the industry, and filmmaking advice.

Click here to read Ms. Tembladar’s full article in Fempotential.


Why Stuntwomen are in More Danger Than Men.

Leila Kering, The Guardian UK writer, speaks with several top stunt performers and coordinators regarding the danger women face as stuntwomen.


All-Stars of Stunts Panel Discussion at 2016 Artemis

Allison Vanore chronicles the highlights of the 2016 Artemis Stunt Panel Discussion.


Spotlight Interview With Melanie Wise

Christina Parisi talks to Melanie Wise on the eve of the 2016 festival edition.


Warrior Women at Artemis

Allison Vanore writes about the warrior women films shown at Artemis – documentaries dedicated to women in the armed services.


Unsung Heroines Get a Voice at Artemis

Deborah Smith spent opening day at the festival and covers highlights of the day!


Interview with Founder Melanie Wise and Honoree Yancy Butler

Jamee-Beth of Breakaway Daily speaks with both Melanie Wise and 2016 Honoree Yancy Butler about women in the film industry, changes in the industry re: women, and why it’s important to recognize women in action.


2016 Artemis Film Festival

Action Academy speaks with Sean Newcombe about this year’s edition.


Artemis Film Fest

Melanie Wise shares Artemis Film Festival with Aussie born film site, We Are Moving Stories.


Meet the Animal Rescue Team Who Risks Their Lives for Animals

Emmy winning journalist Susuan Cingari speaks with award winning filmmaker Justin Zimmerman about his film SMART, a 2016 Artemis Official Selection.


24 Women Who Changed the Course of History

Emmy winning journalist Susuan Cingari speaks with Maxine Davis about her film Women Outward Bound, a 2016 Artemis Official Selection.


How the Festival Came About

Epic adult and YA fantasy writer Lorna Suzuki takes time out of her busy production schedule to talk with Melanie Wise about Artemis.


#DFNY Focus On: Melanie Wise

Melanie Wise shares her personal film tastes.


Melanie on the Festival

Ruth Hill talks with Melanie Wise about this year’s festival.


Celebrating Strong Action Heroines

Manon De Reeper, Film Inquiry Editor in Chief talks with Melanie Wise about the festival, women in action, sexism and many other topics.


AFF: The First & Only Fest Dedicated to Female Action Films

Film Festival Home asks Melanie Wise some in-depth questions about the festival, the first year, what to expect this year and much more.



Leila Hawkins’ op ed piece on sexism in film. Leila talks to Melanie Wise about her opinions of excellent dishonorable mentions.



Award winning journalist, Susan Cingari, speaks with Melanie Wise about the 2016 edition of Artemis.


Q&A With Melanie Wise

Alexandra Hidalgo interviews Melanie Wise about the festival, how it came about, and women in action.

AND … Action!

Interview with Melanie Wise about the festival, the marketability of women in action onscreen, and the long history of female badasses.

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Spotlights Suntwomen & Female Directors at Laemmle Playhouse 7

Article covering the festival, the festival schedule, and events during the festival.

New Film Festival in Pasadena Celebrates Women in Action Movies

Article covering the festival, the festival schedule, and interviews with two Artemis Women in Action Film Festival filmmakers.

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival

Dennis Cozzalio, film blogger and AWIAFF Judge, writes about the history of women in action in film, the festival’s aim to spotlight and celebrate the women in action, the festival line up, etc.

In-Depth Interview with Melanie Wise

Film Courage asks Melanie probing questions about her childhood, her impetus for the festival, what makes a Kick-Ass women, etc.

In-Depth Article About the Inaugural Fesitval and Q & A with Melanie Wise.

Magda Marcella gives in-depth coverage about the inaugural festival, the screenings, breaks news about honorees, etc. She also asks Melanie Wise about her inspiration for the festival, her personal heroes, and why physical strength, and the celebration of that, for women is so vitally important.

Girl Talk HQ and Melanie Wise Discuss Breaking Barriers in Hollywood

Asha Dahya and Melanie Wise discuss breaking down the barriers in the entertainment industry and why it is important to have gender equality.

Cinema-Fanatic Talks to Melanie Wise in Honor of National Women’s Day

Marya E. Gates of Cinema-Fanatic talks to Melanie Wise. They discuss the current Hollywood trends, gender issues in the film industry, and the coming landscape of film.

The Examiner Talks to Sean Newcombe and Melanie Wise

Marq Piocos talks to Sean Newcombe and Melanie Wise about spotlighting strong women.

Melanie Wise and Kataka Gara Cut to the Chase

Our discussion spans several topics, all related to empowering women. We cover the importance of greater gender equality, how men will actually benefit from empowered women, the Bechdel test, why physical equality is needed for gender equality, and many other points.

Staten Island Advance Interviews One of Its Natives

Lauren Steussy interviews festival Co-Founder Sean Newcombe to discuss his inspiration for the festival.

Pregnancy Awareness Month Features an Article Written by Melanie Wise

In this article, Melanie Wise discusses the importance of women in action and why she believes filmed entertainment will further empower women.

Wombat Sports and Artemis Discuss Trends in Women in Film and Women in Sports

Wombat asks questions regarding the birth of the festival, the trends of women in film, altering the narrative of women’s roles in culture, the plans for the festival, and women in sports.

She Is Fierce Puts a Spotlight on the Festival

Artemis Film Festival is First to Celebrate Female Action Heroes.

Pretty Tough Women In Action – Q&A with media partner Pretty Tough CEO Jane Schonberger.

Melanie asks Ms. Schonberger to share the inspiration and necessity of Pretty Tough.

Melanie Wise talks to Dennis Cozzalio,
writer of popular filmblog
“Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule”

Dennis Cozzalio share some of the rich history of women in action roles, the very first stuntwomen of the 1920’s, like Helen Gibson, Polly Burson, and Lila Finn. He does an in-depth interview with Artemis WIAFF founder, Melanie Wise, covering several subjects: what led her to make action films; how and why the festival was conceived; and highlights the festival’s plans to honor women in action. Cozzalio writes, “… give actresses who have been essential in making credible inroads into what has typically been seen as a male-centric endeavor their due spotlight. “These are women who have skipped way past the confines of the roles we typically see them in,” Wise says, recognizing that for many females, actresses as well as viewers, broadening that scope can be an eye-opening experience. “Women can have a very narrow view of themselves and the possibilities they see open for themselves,” noting that when seeing women in roles traditionally assumed suitable only for men, they may see new dimensions and lifestyles they’ll find appealing. “Their whole worldview can change,” Wise notes, not without a glint of hope in her voice.”

Festival founder interviewed by Horribly Hooched

Papa Bacchus sips hard cider while talking with fest founder, Melanie Wise. Papa B. and Melanie discuss the upcoming festival, current festival news, and Melanie’s horror film Hanah’s Gift.

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