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Film Inquiry is a film magazine for and by film academics, filmmakers and aficionados. We share a life-long passion for film, filmmaking and all the art entails, and promote a friendly environment for insightful discussion. Film Inquiry challenges you to explore film intellectually, with our unique combination of informative and entertaining film journalism.

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InkTip helps writers sell their scripts and get representation. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.

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Film Freeway is the Canadian born, completely digital film festival submission platform.

Click here to learn more about Film Freeway ..... is everything you love about ACTION MOVIES!

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Pretty Tough, a popular media property and lifestyle brand that creating empowering girl-centric content, products and events, and shining a spotlight on strong, active females.

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The Slaughtered Bird, one of the leading promoters, reviewers and producers of worldwide independent horror, promotes horror projects, no matter how low budget, from any corner of the globe, so get in touch!.

Connect with The Slaughtered Bird on Twitter facilitates social change programs and encourage charitable giving and volunteer participation from sports fans around the world.

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