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Screenplay Submission Form

Submit all screenplays and TV pilots of all types and genres.

Upload of your script is required to complete submission.

Students are required to upload a photo of a valid student ID in order to trigger student prices.

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival wants YOUR films, shorts, screenplays, and music!

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Qualifiers

Submit all narrative, animated, documentary FILMS and SCRIPTS featuring women
either starring or co-starring as a physical action character or agent of social change.
We celebrate women in kick ass roles.

Submit all MUSIC in any genre that is a film score, composition, song, or theme song
created by female composers, female led bands, and female solo artists.

Submission Categories.

FILMS - 40 minutes or longer
SHORTS - up to 40 minutes
SCRIPTS, Features (70-120 pgs) & Pilots (45-60 pgs)
MUSIC in all genres, up to 10 minutes. Music FAQ's.

Key Dates & Fees

EARLY Deadline - 06/30/19; Features - $70.00, Shorts and Screenplays - $45.00; Music - $15.00 - 25.00

REGULAR Deadline - 08/15/19; Features - $75.00; Shorts and Screenplays - $50.00; Music - $20.00 - 30.00

LATE Deadline - 10/31/20; Features $85.00; Shorts and Screenplays - $60.00; Music - $25.00 - 35.00

EXTENDED Deadline - 11/30/20; Features - $95.00; Shorts and Screenplays - $70.00; Music - $30.00 - 40.00

Notification of Acceptance - Approx Jan 15, 2021

Exhibition Materials Deadline - Mar 15, 2021

Deadlines for student submissions will observe the calendar above. Fees are deeply discounted for students 😀


Discounts and student submissions are only processed directly through our website.

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