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Congratulations to our 2018 Official Selections!

Artemis is pleased to announce our 2018 selections. We were honored to view all film submissions, the quality of work was stellar and made making official selections very difficult.

Click on any film title to navigate the exact placement on the scheduling page on which it appears.

* Denotes a film screens 2 times, hyperlink navigates to first screening.

Click here for Sunday’s schedule showing all second screenings. Gird your loins! It’s a list, not exact navigation 😀


Ball of Fire by Sean Coleman
Broken Spirits by Elizabeth Allen
Emancipating Maryland by Bridget Bell McMahon
Epsilon Echo by Richard Alvarez
Getback by Sean Kohnen
Ghost Assassin by Shim On Lee
Guardian by Nicol Eilers
Iron Horse of Lucy Steele by Paul Zeidman


Love and Thunder by Mitchell P. Ganem
Peachy Keene by Deborah Blandino
Rebel by Susan Cameron
Ripple by Heather Faris
Study in Sherlock by John Robert Christopher
Unknown Enemy by James Schryer
Witch by Haris Leventi

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