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For August 2016, parties will occur on Wednesday nites, 7-8pm PT

A Twitter Party is essentially an online conversation on Twitter that utilizes hashtags. Twitter peeps gather at a specific day and time to talk about a predetermined subject. The hashtag used (i.e. #WomenKickAss) is the thread that unites all tweets into a single conversation held between many twitter peeps. So, the thing to remember is this: if you want your tweets in the Twitter Party conversation, each tweet must contain the hashtag.

There are many ways to imbibe a Twitter Party. We think an easy way is to use an interface called TweetChat. Just below, we’ll walk you thru the basics of using TweetChat. Further below, we cover other ways in which to participate in a Twitter Party.

Step One

Navigate to the Tweetchat homepage and you find a dialog box in which to enter the conversation hashtag. For this example, we used the hashtag #womenkickass. Then click on the blue ‘Go’ button.

Please note: while TweetChat is called an app, it works on any computer as well as smart devices.



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